Is Marijuana An Alternative For Anti Depressants And Other Medications?

A growing number of American young people are using cannabis.
The controversial drug that was previously taboo has suddenly become a hot topic of conversation in the morning sofas.
And may soon become legal medical cannabis in Sweden.
MPA is a button from approving a mouth spray with marijuana-like substance addressed to MS patients.

Marijuana For Anti Anxiety

It helps with stress and outbursts of anger, you become more creative and relaxed.
It says Christian, 27, who has smoked cannabis for ten years and think it would be humiliating to be caught – because he does not feel like a criminal.
– The only realistic is to legalize cannabis, because then you can control the drug and sell it. It is a rewarding drug for me in many ways and I think it will help many people who have various medical problems, he says.
He is not alone with their views – across the world is a struggle to make cannabis legal. Cannabis, or weed, ganja or skunk as it is also called, has for millennia been known as both a stimulant and as an intoxicant in connection with religious cults. The drug is also alleged to have medical benefits.
In the US, doctors have for years been able to print marijuana by prescription, for people who suffer from such depression, anxiety or pain. The prescribed users can then pick up their marijuana at a dispensary near them.
But cannabis can, just the opposite, trigger and exacerbate many different types of mental disorders, as anxiety disorders, depression and schizophrenia, says Thomas Lundqvist, associate professor of psychology and one of the nation’s leading experts on the effects of cannabis.
– The drug can also accelerate a latent psychosis, ie develop schizophrenic or manodepressivt episodes in vulnerable people.

In Sweden you can get medical cannabis on prescription. But it is not entirely straightforward. The physician must apply for special permission from the MPA, and if granted, so get the nearest pharmacy arrange a special import.
From 1 January 2010, about 70 people granted cannabis medicines under license. The current preparations Sativex and Marinol, cannabis based medicines in sprej- and tablet form. Those who have been granted either had muscle spasms associated with MS or nausea or pain in the final stages of various cancers.
And now the drug Sativex, which is addressed to MS patients with muscle cramps, and again to be approved by the FDA. There are only a few formalities missing.
From Norrkoping Joakim Hedstrom, 34 having ADHD and migraine sufferers ­ hope to take some of the medicine.
He was much calmer, could not concentrate, slept better, got better and happier by using cannabis ­ drug Dronabinol, an oil solution rusämnet THC, which he had printed on the license.
The medicine was still good enough only for 30 days and Drug Administration then made a reinterpretation of the law and changed the amount to five days of use, which is not practical.
– The alternative is to go to Germany every fifth day, or to eat it as Swedish doctors recommend. But I have eaten over 20 drugs and has received much adverse reaction. It is incredibly difficult to get hold of a doctor who even want to take on the issue, he says.
But there is no evidence that the medication would have any effect on patients with ADHD or those who suffer from anxiety or depression, believes Hans Sjögren, chief physician and clinical investigator at the MPA.
Thomas Lundqvist, agrees. There is not a chance that cannabis is a future ADHD medication, which we have already well proven variants, he thinks.
– It’s just wishful thinking that cannabinoids, chemical substances found in cannabis that induces intoxication has no effect other than it reduces the hyperactivity.
According to the National Institute’s new research that shows that cannabis can lead to more serious damage than previously thought and that the damage can be permanent. By smoking hashish or marijuana during adolescence is a risk that the brain does not develop into an adult’s brain.
Cannabis use impairs many of our most common view functions, including memory, attention, concentration and analytical and planning skills.
– The development of the brain stops and many young people at risk of never growing up, says Thomas Lundqvist.

And according to CAN, the Central Union of alkhol- and Other Drugs, cannabis smoking has increased among young people in Sweden. Last year that 21 percent of boys in high school they used drugs at some point, it can be compared with 17 percent in 2007.
And in Stockholm, the numbers are even higher. 2010 was the 27 percent of boys in grades two in high school and 20 percent of girls who have ever tried drugs, according to the Stockholm survey.
Worrying figures like David Beukelmann, team-leader in the youth department of the City Police. But there are explanations. Adolescent network looks different today and the opportunities to meet people who have access to drugs has increased, he believes.
– Is it the “right” circles, it can be both easier and even cheaper to get hold of cannabis than alcohol.
But Sweden is not asleep but does battle tooth and nail to get rid of the drugs. According to the Customs Service, the number of drug seizures in the period January to June 2011 compared with the past two years. Among other things, increase the number of beslagtag of cannabis resin and marijuana. It is mainly cannabis products for their own use or for sale on a limited basis. This type of smuggling occurs primarily in mail flow through Stockholm and Malmö, but also in passenger traffic over the Øresund Bridge and Helsingborg.
The police put a lot of effort and energy into the war on drugs. ­ During the 2000s, the police action on ­ area intensified, giving ­ in the statistics. According to ­ figures from good, B rowed Prevention Council, ­ reported about 87 500 pieces violations ­ narcotics law in 2010. A ­ increase of nine percent compared to the year before.
The government will take further decisive measures to reverse this trend by investing almost 50 million over four years on a campaign against cannabis. Since April is also a new drug law that allows police to seize drugs that are not yet classified as narcotics.
– The government will clearly signal that cannabis use is prohibited because it can harm people.
It says Maria Larsson, Minister of Children and the Elderly (KD).
– We have worked with both the law and the strengthening of resources aimed at young people, their parents and staff in secondary schools. We are confident that parents and other adults in the youth environment are extremely important and central drug prevention officer, she says.

Something that is not entirely unproblematic, consider freelance journalist Johan Anderberg date with the book Cannabuisness. It is not only the drugs that leads to problems – but also the fight against drugs.
– The United States claims many organizations that it is completely unacceptable that the police devote so much time to arrest people with marijuana when there is so much other crime in the community.
The problem with the drugs debate is that it is too exorbitant and tone that the debate stops with whether one is for or against. Something that may be because we have had a restrictive drug policy while and decided to treat all drugs equally, believes Johan Anderberg.
– You choose to spin the truth and exaggerates happy dangers of cannabis. I think many times that the debate is misleading and most are based on the fear that people will start doing drugs.
But David says that Beukelmann ­ Addiction implies damage, not only for the individual, but also society. It costs money and human suffering. Therefore, there is great value in trying to prevent young people ­ establish an abuse.
– To work towards drugs among young people is incredible community ­ economically efficient, he says.

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