Can Finding A Vape Store Near You To Help You To Quit Smoking

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Can vaping help you quit smoking? Find a vape shop near you to find out if using an e-cigarette can help you with your new goal.

Can vaping get you to quit smoking?

E-cigs or vaping is marketed today as a way for smokers to quit smoking. However, research looking at whether it is really helpful.

Find a vape shop near you.

– This is very doubtful. Rather, we can see that it is more difficult to quit smoking with e-cig than without, says Barbro Holm Ivarsson, Psychologist against tobacco.

Vaping To Quit Smoking

Today there is a great need to quit smoking. Where vape cigarettes are marketed as a tool for this – a tobacco-free alternative that looks like a cigarette, gives the smoke a cigarette and provides nicotine as a cigarette.

But several studies, including statistics from the US quit smoking line, shows that it is inferior to quit smoking with e-cig than without e-cig. According to the research results, you have to stop smoking by using e-cig 33 percent less likely to succeed.


In the dental trade fair Swedental shows Barbro Holm Ivarsson, Psychologist against tobacco, research the e-cigarette.

– Many think that with the help of e-cig is stepping down with their real cigarettes, but this merely postpone a possible cessation of smoking, says Barbro Holm Ivarsson, Psychologist against tobacco on a lecture at the dental fair Swedental.

She believes that many choose to combine their smoking e-cigarette, thus cutting down.But to a halving of their tobacco intake does not give much of a difference in health.

– You have the same risk of heart disease and cancer even if you halve your smoking. The only form of cancer reduces the risk of the ungcancer. E-cig prevents why people quit completely when you are lulled into a false sense of security.

Hypnosis instead help to quit

In addition, says Barbro Holm Ivarsson that the e-cigarette can instead be hypnosis against tobacco.

– There are e-cigarettes with different candy flavors, with music, with’s Bluetooth and e-cigarettes that look like jointar. It is very clear that the e-cigarette is aimed at young people and not for adults who want to quit smoking.

According to studies, 20 percent of all young people aged 15-18 years tested the e-cig in the past year. There, 30 percent never smoked a cigarette.

So how do you do if you want to quit smoking?

According Barbro Holm Ivarsson, you should put a stop date, throw all tobacco products the day and use nicotine replacement products if necessary.

If you need help to tackle the difficulties along the way, you can contact your GP, dental or quit smoking line.

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