10 Web Design Tips

10 tips for building a great website

When it is time to develop and build a new website to give it a little extra time for thought. I’ll share with you some experience that I hope can help you develop an attractive and profitable website.

  1. Time is money
    Time is money. Save time and money by thinking through everything one more time. The page should be appealing and logical for the visitors. It has about four seconds to get a visitor interested in one site, so be sure to structure, graphics and information is correct. To miss this point is to give the competitor or another site a free customer / visitor.
  2. Menus – constantly these menus
    Use simple and understandable menus. Sure it’s neat with fading dropdown menus and awesome animated menus, yes I know, at time of writing you can find animated dropdown menus on this page. But the important thing is to try to give visitors a simple and clear overview where they can find all the information. When visitors then started clicking around so they often have a greater tendency to go deeper and deeper into the hierarchy of the page.
  3. Eye tracking
    What is the most eye-catching part of a website? It is well known that the upper left corner is the location as an eye tend to end up on the right at the first glance on a page. Why is it like that? Well it is natural, because we read books from the top left (of course, things are different for those surfing from Oriental countries or countries in the Middle East). With this in mind placed here preferably a logo or slogan, box or other information that you feel would benefit from such a position.
  4. Placement of content
    Other eye studies say that a site is read in the form of an “F”. This means that the upper area is read horizontally and the middle and lower part of a web page is read only vertically. This can of course be important in the layout of a page so that content is placed correctly.
  5. What do we do with the ads?
    Another interesting topic is advertising (banners, etc.). Visitors have a tendency to look past the ads and will ignore them just because they think it’s an ad. One should remember that the brain is amazingly fast, scanning a website without thinking and then decide very early on how an ad looks just by recognizing a particular pattern. Then it is easy to ignore the ads.
    So again, remember that the visitor just engaged in a little while to one side to find what he / she needs. Therefore, restrictive advertising and placement of ads.
  6. Text or images on a Web site?
    Do you think the pictures are always more appealing than texts? You may be very wrong, sometimes, words can be much more radical than brilliant graphics. So, if you want to deliver an important message use maybe a good slogan rather than a pretty picture – or maybe both.
  7. Graphics and layout
    What more can grab a visitor’s attention? Slogans, menus, buttons, text and headlines … choose simple and thoughtful options. Messy, childish and poor graphics get visitors to look elsewhere.
  8. Formatting text
    The texts should be formatted in a stylish and neat manner. Make it simple, understandable with continuity of size, fonts and colors. It’s fine to mix some different fonts and colors, use bold, italic and underlined text to make text more readable. But be frugal and do not overdo the mix just because you can. Instead, create a uniformity of the website that makes it attractive and inviting to read the contents.
  9. Election of images
    Do you use a lot of images and pictures with people. So think of using people’s faces in the frame correctly. Turn them so that they look at the text you want to mark or that they look directly at the visitor, this often creates a great good effect.
  10. Create air on the side
    Do not skimp with blank spaces. A “white” area of ​​a site can provide the necessary air for the visitor to have time to breathe and often so that one side looks less cluttered. Use some empty spaces in a nice way and it will make your site easier for the visitor.

Do you have any tips you want to share? Please leave a comment in the comment field below. Please see our near me guide if you want to hire a web designer near you.

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