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If you own a car must have a liability insurance – it’s the law on it. The only exception is if the car is shut down in the Road Traffic Register. Traffic insurance covers all injuries and property damage you caused to the car, but no damage to your own car. You can protect your car by signing a semi- or fully comprehensive.
Motor insurance is mandatory and it replaces all the injuries and the property damage you caused to the car, but no damage to your own car.

Half Insurance includes liability, theft, fire, glass, machinery, rescue and legal expenses insurance.

Comprehensive insurance is made up of half-insurance and vehicle damage insurance. Vehicle damage insurance pays damage to your own car at traffic accident, external accident or vandalism.

You can take out supplementary insurance which entitles you to the rental car and self mitigation with some injuries. Some insurance policies include this in half or full insurance.

It is the actual owner of the car must be insured for insurance to apply (so-called insured interest). You can not allow another person to be the owner of the road traffic register and be insured to get lower premium.

You set your car through a notification to the vehicle registry. Either via the Transport Agency’s Web site, service the phone or by filling out and submitting the vehicle registration certificates.

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