What You Need to Know About Vaping vs Smoking

Vaping vs Smoking

For many years, man has always had an attraction when it comes to smoking tobacco products. However, today most people are aware of the dangers but unfortunately many still continue to smoke. In addition, tobacco products are linked to an extensive list of chemicals and additives.

Not so long ago a man by the name of Herbert Gilbert was responsible for inventing a non-tobacco, smokeless cigarette. The idea was associated with replacing the tobacco and burning paper with a vapor or flavored steam which contains nicotine. However, this product only reached the market by 2003 thanks to Hon Lik a man from China who made a success in marketing this particular product.

Today there are various debates on whether vaping is a healthier choice or safe. But the majority of people do agree that that vaping is the safer and healthier alternative to cigarettes. Below are a few factors about vaping vs smoking.

The Tar

The main factor has to be the tar. Tar is not present in vapor while smoking any tobacco product produces a toxic and thick byproduct. To test this when blowing cigarette smoke into a white napkin it instantly turns yellow while blowing vapor the napkin will stay white.

The Costs

Many cigarette smokers claim that they are unable to afford the vaping gear in order to assist them with quitting. However, a single pack of cigarette costs around $15 and one can buy a complete vaping setup for around $105. This cost is related to smoking one packet of cigarettes a day for only a week. The vaping juice can vary greatly, but around $15 would easily buy one bottle that could last anything from one day to a week dependent on how often the person vapes.

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