How Much Longer Will Redbox Movies Be Around?

Finding a RedBox Near You May Become Harder In The Coming Years

Do you remember when Redbox movies first came out? How much longer do you think we will be able to rent physical copies of movies? It seemed like rental kiosks were the next big thing just a few short years ago, and now streaming digital content has taken over. The Redbox near me shut down video rental stores, and one day soon, the streaming services are going to put Redbox out of business for good, too.

When these rental kiosks were first introduced, movies were cheaper, too. Prices do go up over time, but the price of a RedBox rental isn’t exactly where it needs to be right now to command the most attention. The rentals should be 99 cents apiece, but evidently, the company can’t make that work for their business model anymore. It would be interesting to see how much rental rates have been dropping over the past few years.

When is the last time you rented a movie at the Red Box? I have to admit that it is just an every great once in awhile thing for me. There are just too many other free choices, and Netflix grabs my attention more these days. You would think a company like Netflix could have already put a company like Red Box out of business. Why is Netflix still shipping its new releases? You can stream new releases using other services, so when is the digital streaming service that leads the pack going to take Redbox out?

Maybe the world isn’t quite ready for that yet. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see Redbox go away. It will one of these days, but for now, people are still grabbing their coupons by email and renting their Red Box movies. You can certainly save money that way, but one of these days, it all has to change again. You would think it is coming quickly.

Do you think we will still be renting new releases individually even from streaming services? Or, do you think the industry will move right away into subscription services for those, too? Netflix already has the subscription that involves new releases, so you would think the company would then just capitalize. It is almost like they are just waiting for the right time for the move to be financially smart.

Maybe Redbox the company will reinvent themselves before all of that happens. Sometimes you don’t know what a market is going to do, especially when it comes to smaller changes. It wouldn’t be true to even say that Redbox still commands the market like it used to, so something does have to give. Do you remember when the kiosks were never empty, and you often had to stand in line?

That doesn’t happen anymore, and in fact, sometimes I wonder if I’m not the only one renting from the closest Redbox to me. You can reserve movies, so that is one cool additional feature, and of course they do still have their game rental business going, too.

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