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Is Spray Tanning a Good Choice?

The dangers of skin cancer are well-known now, and more and more people are opting to avoid using sunbeds to pre-tan before going on holiday because they appreciate that these can be rather dangerous for your skin. Not only do tanning beds increase your risk of developing skin cancer, they can actually make you age more quickly. It’s not worth that to end up looking a little bit more tan in the short term.

But what about spray tanning? Is that safe? Is that something that you could use instead? Many people think that it is, and that it could be the right choice for you if you want to look great in a bikini or a shorter dress.

Spray tanning is often used by people who want to ‘pre-tan’ before a holiday. It doesn’t quite has the same effect as a sunning bed (in that you’re not ‘picking up a tan’ to prepare you for the sun) but it does mean that you won’t be walking around on the beach looking pale – and if you’re self-conscious about that sort of thing then it makes sense to try to avoid it.

Spray tanning works by spraying a very fine mist of fake tan onto your skin. It’s better than just rubbing on fake tan for many reasons. Firstly, the way it is applied means that it will not fade or run. Often, normal tans end up looking rather streaky, or they have clear edges where the application wasn’t even. Spray tan tends to avoid that problem.

Spray tans contain an ingredient that is called Dihydroxyacetone, and this interacts with your skin, and makes it bronze. This has a nice, smooth effect, and it should last for between three and seven days before you will need to top it back up. The bronzing effect will not provide you with any extra defence against the sun’s rays, but it will give you a nice looking tan – and one that will not run as easily as normal fake tan.

Applying this can be a whole body thing and it can be done very quickly with a professional spray device in a beauty salon. You will stand in a booth and wait while several nozzles spray your whole body. There are also handheld spray guns that can be used to apply fake tan. Some tanning lovers buy these for home use, but you need to use them carefully to stop the powder getting everywhere, and it is harder to make sure that you covered your whole body.

It is possible to apply spray tan using a bottled solution, but this isn’t really the best way. While it should still look better than a regular tan, it’s more likely to go wrong and leave you with some areas that could be slightly darker or patchy.

Spray tan is perhaps the best of the self tanning options, but there are still many reasons why people might prefer the natural look.

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